The SALE you all have been waiting for is here! All products on Earthlings Ph will be on a Website wide sale! Look out for some Best seller product from our Merchants from the list bellow!

1. Dark Choco Nibs With Cranberries

These Dark Choco Nibs with Cranberries, by Chocoloco, are a great superfood to have on the go! They are Organic, Guilt-free, Vegan, Non-GMO, Gluten Free, 100% All Natural. They are wrapped in 74% dark chocolate so your for sure to get your Dark Chocolate craving satisfies with these Superfood snack.

2. Acai Powder 

Enjoy Acai Powder, by Ani Grains, when you top off your smoothie bowl, bake a sweet treat, or simply enjoy it mixed with water. Acai is also known to help detoxify the body and Boost your Immune system which could prove to be very beneficial this 2020.

3. Fresh & Cooked Palapa

Palapa PH is an authentic Maranao Spice that is All Natural, Halal, Vegan, kosher and Keto Friendly. They offer you both Fresh and Cooked Palapa of your choosing which can be eaten as it is, or used as flavor enhancer in your recipe. Palapa is a sweet and spicy Filipino condiment consisting of thinly chopped white scallions (sukrab); pounded ginger (luya pagirison), tumeric (kalawag), Labuyo Chili (luya tiduk), and toasted grated coconut (niog).

4. Volumizing Citrus Fresh Shampoo Bar

This Volumizing Citrus Fresh Shampoo Bar  by O'gee Soap will brighten up your day with its Aromic citrus scent and essential oils. They are easy and simple to use and are zero waste!

5. Tea Tree Soap Bar 

Rainourish has an assortment of home essentials ranging from body soaps to dishwashing liquids that are all natural, biodegradable, and vegan! The Tea Tree Soap Bar, uses the natural trait of Tea tree leaves which works as an effective germ-killing agent to keep your skin bacteria-free and odor-free. It also has a natural gentle, hypoallergenic, deodorizing bar with a luscious scent, all in one lather.

6. Yellow Clay Bath Bar

The Ecobar Yellow Clay Bath Bar can be used in combination skin and has revitalizing and tonifying effects. Containing jojoba and shea butter that soothe sensitive skin, it can act as skin moisturizer. It is ideal for dry and tired skin. This Bath bar is suitable for daily use and is 100% Biodegradable!

7. Crown Plant Hanger in Sage

This Crown Plant Hanger in Sage made by Not Your Grandma's Macrame is a hand-dyed, chunky, plant hanger with a tassel bottom in sage. This little hanger can also be used to hang some other home decor, such as fruit bowls and more! The hanger fits medium to large pots. (Pot not included)

8. Soap Saver 

Pagbabago PH, has as an amazing product called the Soap Saver to increase the usage of your soaps at home. The soap will dry quick, which will make the soap last longer.

9. #RIOsable Mask + Headband Ear Saver Set

RIOtaso has got your kids covered with their #RIOsable Mask + Headband Ear Saver Seteach mask is one of a kind; there are no two alike. The #RIOsable Mask + Headband Ear Saver Set consists of 3 layers with a filter pocket out of fabric waste and repurposed buttons + a garterized headband Ear Saver to take the ear pain away. We all know the pain that comes to wearing a tight mask all day pulling our ears. Lets be kind to our ears and use an Ear Saver. 

10. BAMBOO "To go" cutlery set

BAMBOO "To go" cutlery set by Jr Organics is a go-to essential for an eco-friendly lifestyle.  At home, in the office, or the great outdoors; Where ever you are, this BAMBOO "To-go" cutlery set will cater to your cutlery needs. Stay away from those plastic utensils and get your own set now!
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10.10 Sale will start 12:00 am! On October 10! Be ready and mark your calendars for this epic sale! 

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