Earth Day: Slow Food

Do you ever wonder what our great, great grandparents or our ancestors used to eat? Is it still available in our time now? Or has it been there, but only a handful of people know about it?


Well, Slow Food is an organization that focuses on local food cultures and traditions of the world that are in danger of extinction, prevent the rise of fast life while battling the decrease of people’s interest in the food that they consume, where it comes from, and how our food choices can have an effect on the environment.

In 1986, after a planned project to build a McDonald's at the Spanish Steps in Rome, Slow Food was born. In a span of 35 years they have captured numerous countries to join this movement; In fact, they consist of about 1,600 convivia (local Slow Food chapters)  around the world, whose members are within the industry of food and beverage, agriculture, fishing, and basically anyone who has a burning desire for food. 


In our very own country, the Philippines, we have over 8 convivia: 5 in Luzon and 3 in the Visayas. On April 21, I joined the webinar of Slow Food Negros for the whole of Western Visayas. They spoke about their movement and how they want to share their information to the rest of the region. What captured me the most was the topic ‘Ark of Taste’- A catalogue with the risk of having any spectrum of food being extinct. As someone who is passionate in  Filipino cuisine, this issue has always held a space in my mind and I am glad that they have taken action on this particular topic, especially in my region. 


Here are some products around the Philippines that are part of the Ark of Taste. 


Let’s all admit that a large percentage of us barely know most of these products! While we are given this information, let us also make sure to research about them and especially make use of our very own local products. By doing so, we not only help our economy, but also the farmers and producers; And for the most part the future of our own culture. 


With fast food restaurants around the country and personally seeing them everywhere growing up, it makes me question what Filipino cuisine truly is these days. That question has been there lying around and still unanswered. We all know it’s a long way, but this is still  such a great step for our country.  


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