Earth hour is there to remind us to participate and switch off our lights, but what goes beyond that? 

One thing the pandemic has taught us is to clean and disinfect a lot. Earthlings is here to remind you that it is always a great idea to swap your usual kitchen cleaning tools to a more sustainable one!

1. Hobby Dishwashing soap bar and Biodegradable dish sponge

Common soap sponge are made from plastic while this sponge is made from coconut fiber and wood cellulose which is compostable. The soap bar is made from natural ingredients with anti-bacterial properties and relieves your skin from irritation.

2. PagBabago PH Dish and Coir Brush

This dish and coir brush is made from beechwood, tampico fiber bristles, and fibrous outer shell of coconuts. It’s perfectly handy for cleaning your dishes.

3. PagBabago PH Bottle Brush

Ditch that plastic bottle brush with this beechwood and coco-fiber bristle bottle brush.

4. Rainourish Lemon Dishwashing Liquid Soap

Hate it when your skin gets irritated from the dishwashing soap? This lemon liquid soap is meant to be gentle on your hands and keeps your oily pots and pans squeaky clean.

5. Earthlings PH Coconut Soap Dish

Fashionably local eco-friendly Coconut soap dish made from 100% all-natural coconut shells.

Green cleaning is always the best idea! Having a safer home for your family is a choice to make especially for our future. It’s time to make the switch and help the environment starting with our own homes.


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