Eskapo Verde: The Escape You Need

Wondering where to go this summer? Take an escape at this local business that focuses on protecting the Philippines' Fish stock.

Eskapo Verde is a resort from Badian Bay, Cebu. Being surrounded by the mangroves their team came up with a fish sanctuary called ATUB, a Visayan term that is made out of pit dug in the reef covered with long pieces of bamboo and rocks to create a protected cave where small fishes can swim in and out of but larger predators cannot enter.

In 2016, Eskapo began to build their own atubs to simply raise awareness about the importance of protecting the Philippines' fish stock, especially in their region. This resulted in the improvement of fish life, in quantity and in variety. Being said their team had encouraged the locals to build this community to help them boost fish stocks and as a source of income. They supplied the materials needed to make the atub and the local families provided the labor to construct, watch and protect from illegal fishing and to harvest them every three to four months. The earnings will go to the respective families to spend as they pleased.
In Eskapo Verde there are two atubs situated and three along the main channel owned by local families. Each fish sanctuary is monitored and has been successful but since fish poisoning became rampant and to prevent poaching in the area, they have decided  to harvest the atubs early on in the pandemic. As a result, 56kg of mostly rabbit fish were collected and donated to the seniors of the barangay.
The project is still in progress and they have completed the excavation of their atubs. Due to tidal motion, it’s gradually filled with silt and needed to be drained every one to two years; the employees were able to gain income as a result of this maintenance.


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