International E-waste Day

Are you a fan of hoarding phones or electronic gadgets? Or you seem to keep up to date with the latest models?


Well, let me tell you one thing, October 14th is the International E-waste day! Today, we celebrate how to reduce, reuse, repair and recycle our Electronic Waste properly.


Do you ever wonder where our e-waste go? It fills up the landfill or is being burnt. As stated by the UN, this year 2021 each human being on the planet is expected to produce an average of 7.6 kg of electronic waste, or 57.4 million tons generated around the world. These include harmful substances and can be detrimental to the health and the environment. There are numerous initiative around the world and in our country addressing this rising problem, but none of them will be entirely effective unless consumers play an active role and are well educated.


1. Reduce

Reduce the amount or urge to buy electronics, especially if you don't need them or if you already have a model laying around. In addition, it is best to also prolong the life span of your electronics, that way you become more Eco conscious as well as keeping your e-waste at a minimum.


2. Reuse

When your electronics don’t serve its purpose to you anymore:

  • it is ideal to regift them to a friend or a family member
  • sell it in a local market or online
  • donate to charity

Donate here:

Project 1 Phone

The E-waste Project


3. Repair

Today, there are numerous services that allows to repair electronics. Find a local repair shop near you, and it will cost lesser than buying a new one.



As to every electronic device there are components that are possible to reprocess. Here are some places you can drop off your e-waste:

Envirocycle Philippines, Inc.

HMR Super Surplus Bodega

E-Waste Management Philippines


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Living consciously through our purchasing habits when it comes to Electronics can be of benefit to Mother Earth.

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