National Hiking Day


Hiking is a terrific way to connect with nature, get away from the traffic, breathe fresh air and a form of mediation. Not to mention a sort of exercise, with a calorie burn rate of 550 per hour.


The scenery in the Philippines is breathtaking. Though most people prefer to visit the beaches, going hiking on a day trip with friends is always a good idea! Today, we'll show you some of the best hiking trails in Metro Manila.


  • Mt. Daraitan



This mountain is a 2 hour drive from Metro Manila, a favorite sweet escape from the city by many.  Going to this destination, there are numerous falls and caves in the area—always a good place to visit after reaching the summit. Tinapak river is a well-known stop-a beautiful way to end a hike with a cold refreshing swim while admiring the amazing limestone formations that surround the river.


Location: Tanay, Rizal


  • Mt. Makiling


Located in Laguna, also popular for its hot and cold spring, and waterfalls, but hiking in this province is a must!


The Makiling Traverse is ideal for individuals who want the adrenaline rush of a tough hike, but don't have time for a two- or three-day adventure. The route takes you through the legendary Maria Makiling's rocky terrain and untamed rainforests.


Location: Laguna


  • Mt. Batulao

An ideal hike for beginners! Hikers will find Mt. Batulao in Batangas to be a good challenge as well as highly scenic paths with rolling slopes and verdant pastures. You will have to pass through multiple mini-peaks before reaching the summit, which will take about four hours. There are campsites along the trail for hikers who want to rest and spend the night while taking in the breathtaking sights.


Location: Batangas


Of course, this may be a tiring hiking day, but what's important is that you have gained memories and experience with your hikers or friends. Don't forget to leave no trash behind, just stories to tell!

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