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For our eco-conscious women! These pads reusable, washable, sustainable, and help you to save money. The napkin pads are based on a printed PUL fabric in the exterior, bamboo charcoal for effective absorbency, and soft microfiber for providing extra comfort. It is also machine washable since it is better than tampons and paper pads for the body.

  • Available in (3) sizes, - Pantyliner, Light flow, Regular and Overnight.
  • Also Available in a full set (1 of each size, plus 1 free wet bag!) 
  • UNTIL MARCH 31, 2021: Add the Prebiotic feminine bar to your cart, and get it for FREE with your purchase of the FULL Reusable menstrual pad set!

Cleaning & Care
1. After use, separate the panty liner from the underwear.

2. Soak In Cold Water, If Desired, To Help Prevent Staining. Use The Presoak Function On Your Washing Machine, Or Soak In A Covered Rust-Proof Container. Change Soaking Water Daily

3. Machine Wash Cold Using A Natural Detergent And Tumble Dry Low Or Line Dry. Do Not Use Bleach Or Fabric Softener. You May Hand Wash Pads, if Desired

4. Remove Pads From Dryer Promptly And Store Flat To Eliminate Wrinkling; Use Cool Iron if desired. Store Your Pads In A Clean, Dry Place Until Next Use.

  • WET BAG ~ On-the-go napkin storage | est. 5.5" x 3"
  • PANTYLINER ~ For light flows | est. 8.5" to 9"
  • REGULAR ~ For medium flows | est. 9.5" to 10"
  • OVERNIGHT ~ For heavy flows, with a wider back | est. 12.5" to 13"

Available in (3) sizes - pantyliner/light flow, regular/medium flow, and overnight/heavy flow.

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Marga Quirino

As I am aware of the environmental issues at present, I am trying to find ways to mitigate "being part of the pollution". And I am grateful for making it possible through these reusable pads. Comfortable to use and I just wash them. I don't have to buy the usual pads when I have my period. I actually have these reusable pads in pantyliner, regular, and overnight. 😁
Grab yours too and be part in saving our home ❤

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