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Ani Grains is a healthy eco-conscious food store business that offers prime quality superfoods, smoothies, and cold-pressed juices.


Ani, contrary to what people think, is not a name. It means “harvest” in Tagalog. A nod to founder’s Filipino heritage. It signifies humility, movement, hardworking, and earth.
The core value of Ani Grains is anchored with its ethos to offer quality grains, nuts, and superfood products at affordable prices, and promote less-waste lifestyle.
With these values in mind, our business model is patterned with traditional ’sari-sari’ stores where in they can buy only what you need and not worrying of the excess products. Whilst, encouraging them to bring their own containers. Otherwise, they can buy pre-packed items.
“We try to keep our margin at its minimum. Often times, grains and nuts are really expensive, as we don’t usually grow them locally. A lot of Filipinos shy away from trying to make healthier meal choices because of its cost. We really want to make sure our prices are attractive.”
“Another thing is making sure that you only buy what you need. I really like the Sari-sari store concept; buying smaller quantity and not thinking of the wastage if you don’t like what you purchased. I want to advocate Conscious buying to eliminate food wastage and spend people's money on important things.”
As they opened their first brick and mortar store in Boracay in September of 2019, they have noticed increase in demand due to product availability, they agreed that expanding their reach by offering products online is the next big step.

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