Natural Honey-based Skincare Products, made in the Philippines.



Our Story

Best Honey is a self-care brand geared to provide high quality all-natural bath & body products in the Philippines since 2018. Starting as a honey retail store, Best Honey grew to be a self-care brand advocating for a cleaner, greener living now and for future generations.
Crafted in Puerto Princesa, Best Honey’s products are mostly made with ingredients you can find in a kitchen pantry. Growing up, the maker of Best Honey has always been resourceful at creating natural skin-care products.
Through years of experiments, Best Honey created its own product recipes - from oatmeal soaps, to coffee facial scrubs, and honey moisturizers, like food for the skin.
They source their honey from Palawan’s Batak tribe, whose indigenous ways are laced with respect for the environment. The tribe believes if there is nature, there is food.
Current environmental issues made it to Best Honey’s efforts to spread awareness through the advocacy of self-love. It’s a ripple effect that begins from within when we love and cultivate ourselves, vibrating and resonating outwards to our home, community, and environment.


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