Imagine a home that provides the most luxurious and restful sleep, the utmost comfort and coziness that adapts to your modern lifestyle. One way to achieve that is to take care of it—we believe that when you take good care of your home, it gives back tenfold. In a way, making a home is a form of self-care. So where do we start? At the place of refuge where we long to retire after work: the warm and cozy bed. To make sure you’re well-rested and recharged, your sleep should be the coziest and comfiest experience—the kind that great bedding provides.

Of course, making our homes goes beyond the four walls we live in. The same kind of care should also be applied to our home planet. If we are conscious of our environmental impact, we also take care of the life it sustains. With our commitment to the planet, we searched for the best fabric, one that is ultra-soft, safe, and sustainable. In our search, we found Lyocell: a type of fiber made from wood pulp that’s responsibly sourced and sustainably processed in a closed-loop system, without releasing harmful chemicals to nature. The result is a super soft fabric that feels like silk, is hypoallergenic and thermoregulating, perfect for south east asian climate. We’ve handpicked Bamboo Lyocell & TENCEL™Lyocell in creating all our products so we can help you make a comfortable home with soft, safe, and sustainable bedding and rest essentials.


why we love lyocell

We choose our fabrics based on the 3S criteria:


A quality to look for in bedsheets is softness and gentleness on the skin for the utmost comfort and the coziest sleep experience.


To ensure the safety of the consumer, seamstresses, and each individual involved in the production, the materials used in the process must be free from harmful chemicals.


To lessen ecological impact in the production, materials must be responsibly sourced, ethically manufactured, and have a botanic origin for it to be renewable and biodegrade into their starting products when it reaches the end of its lifecycle.


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