Our Story
Earthlings Saving Our Home was formed back in early 2018 by Co-founders and friends Maxine and Angel.

In our last year at Enderun Colleges, we felt an incredible dissatisfaction with the limited/ non-existent green laws and regulations in Metro Manila. Back in 2018, recycling was not enforced, and there were not many green initiatives enforced which reduced the large amount of plastic waste the Philippines was producing. Back then (and currently), the Philippines (as a country) is the third largest contributor to plastic waste.

Both coming from a first world country, we could not stand to watch nothing be done, and personally we couldn't keep ourselves from polluting either. If you have ever tried to go zero-waste in Metro Manila, then you know it is quite challenging. We thought, if we could not enforce laws, then maybe we could provide alternatives; and that is where we started.

We rode the eco-wave and started as an online Instagram seller. Back then, our products were very limited; Metal Straws, Cutlery Sets, Menstrual Cups, Silicone Sponges, and so forth. We donated 10% of our sales to Marine Conservation Philippines in efforts towards local ocean clean-up. Towards the end of 2019, we acquired a new partner, Kim, and grew our employee team as well.

As time passed, we saw the eco-conscious and environmentally-aware community in the Philippines grow exponentially! More sustainable products started to appear, and plastic-bans started to become instilled in cities all around the Philippines! It felt like the movement started to appear, and that going zero-waste was becoming a trend. 

This was a VERY big step for the Philippines, but it was not enough.

With so many amazing, sustainable alternatives starting to appear in the Instagram and Facebook platforms, we found it hard to compete (and also useless) with other eco-companies. And as we surveyed, most people who wanted to shift to a more sustainable products found it to be a bit difficult, as there was not many centered places for them to shop for the swaps available. Some people felt intimidated to make the shift, others just felt they didn't know enough about going zero-waste; or even where to begin. 

That was when we decided that it was time to change our platform; to create a centralized, accessible, zero-waste shopping outlet and community for all Filipinos.

Our Platform
Earthlings Saving Our Home is not just a one-stop shop to buy your sustainable goods; we are also a community that supports small, local, eco-conscious businesses.

We invite small, local businesses to consign their products on our website for a very affordable listing fee. We also do not allow 'repeat products', as we want a very fair competition between our merchants also. We encourage Eco-businesses to continue to create new, unique solutions to expand the quantity of sustainable solutions out there for the regular consumer. With more eco-friendly solutions come more eco-friendly services, and the birth of new eco-friendly businesses.
For example: The fashion industry is one of the largest contributing industries to carbon emissions. Local, sustainable fashion brand RIOtaso creates clothing, bags and facemasks with re-purposed fabrics, while paying their women fairly. 
Etika Collective, another sustainable fashion brand on our website, creates and designs linen clothing woven by Filipino women who are paid fair wages as well.
These are just two brands representing the sustainable fashion community; It is only a matter of time until we see a local, Philipppine business who supplies ethically and locally-sourced fabrics for fast-fashion companies to switch to as well.
Currently, we have growing sections in sustainable fashion, household products (such as eco-friendly bedsheets, sponges, soaps, shampoos etc.), and even ethical food products. The list is growing and we hope to be able to give you everything you need to just make the better, more responsible choice as the consumer. 
Aside from allowing businesses to consign their wonderful products on our online community, we also promote their products through our Zero-Waste Survival Kit Subscription Program. This program was made for people who want to go zero-waste and start living that lifestyle, but don't know where to start. Every month, they will be receiving a box straight to their door with an assortment of sustainable essentials (which are all available on our site as well) for them to try and use throughout the month with one set price. We currently have it on sale for P1,399.
We know it can be scary and intimidating to make the switch, which is why we created the Zero-Waste Survival Kit; to help ease you into this new-found lifestyle. 
We offer it as a single kit, but also as a subscription program because shifting into a new lifestyle takes commitment. 
After the shift from being an individual seller to a B2C platform, we are still donating 5% of every purchase on our website to local ocean clean-up through Marine Conservation Philippines. We trust them because they are very transparent with what they do with the donations and their efforts. They show us where our donations go towards. Sometimes we are paying for their oxygen tanks when they clean the oceans; sometimes it goes to larger projects too. Our last donation went to the rehabilitation of mangroves in Negros Oriental. MCP also built a footbridge for the locals who are tending to the newly grown forest to help them in care for it. It is important that as an eco-business that we stay true to our beliefs and values towards a better world.

Earthlings Saving our Home was formed to grow the sustainability community; one small, sustainable swap at a time. 
When you purchase anything on our site, you adopt a healthier lifestyle, join an ethical movement, support small, local businesses, and neutralize your carbon footprint through your donation.


Earthlings Saving our Home was formed to grow the sustainable community; one small, sustainable swap at a time. 

Start living your sustainable lifestyle today.

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