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Hi there! My name is Kristel Karen T. Torralba, a graphic designer in Cebu City. My love for papers or stationery started when I was little, and my love for it grew so much when I started designing stationery products, such as Wedding Invitations, Holiday Cards, Valentine Cards etc. I was also into a sustainable lifestyle since 2017. I started being conscious about my plastic-usage, trees being cut down or burned (for selfish reasons) causing floods happening in our country etc, and since then I’ve been into eco-friendly products or living sustainably. I still struggle at times because it’s not an easy switch, but I believe little steps will go a long way. So with my love for stationery art and taking care of our planet, I came up with an idea “why not share art to people by also helping mother earth?” - that's when “Earthy Paperie” was founded. I was thinking about having an online stationery store during the pandemic but I was too scared that people won’t love it as most people today prefer to send messages digitally. But I’m glad I pushed through it and unexpectedly, people loved it and they still love handwritten notes. My first product was launched just this year on our Instagram Page (@earthypaperie), January 2021. 

Earthy Paperie is a sustainable stationery art shop that produces original designs while staying green by using recycled papers or eco-friendly products. Our products consist of calendars, notecards, notepads and more to come in the future. 

Kristel is the only designer of Earthy Paperie, but we have a lot of plans for Earthy Paperie in the future where artists can also share their art and produce eco-friendly products.

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