Geared towards health and balanced nutrition by producing our own microgreens.  Sustainable food for responsible consumption.

Who We Are.

Nama is a manifestation of our vision to bridge science and agriculture. We always believe in the power of science and technology, when apply to agriculture it will create innovate solution. Thus, Urban Farming has become our model to achieve that vision.


Why we do it.

We see urban farming as a means to promote sustainability in food and agriculture to educate people in consuming food responsibly. Sustainable urban agriculture. We aim to let our customers to experience farm-to table lifestyle in order to make them realize where the food comes from and how important sustainable consumption and production to the environment.


What we do.

In quest of sustainable consumption and responsible production, we produce our own microgreens in a controlled environment to ensure its quality and freshness. Our values lies to knowing ways how we can spread awareness about urban farming as well as health and wellness. 

Microgreens are known to be a good source of vitamins, mineral and antioxidants that helps in building up the body to prevent some diseases such as cancer, heart disease and alzheimer's disease to name a few. 


Skyrene Bacalso, co-Founder of Nama Microgreens, introduces us to the Sibol Collection. The Sibol Collection aims to spread awareness about Urban farming, Sustainability, and Health and Wellness. As Sibol means "growth" in Tagalog, it captures the story of these trying times as how people got to know themselves better at a deeper level, appreciating where their food comes from and how they could become environmentally conscious. 


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