Our Story

I started Pagbabagoph during my college year. In UP Diliman, most of our vendors uses plastic cups & plastic cutlery for serving food. To lessen plastic waste, I bought alternatives and sustainable goods. But then, I also thought, "What if I share my advocacy to others and be vocal about it?" For it to be heard, we needed someone who will listen and it became our goal to build a community that will advocate for sustainable living. 

Plastic waste is a huge problem in the Philippines. In fact, we're one of the Top 5 Countries with the most plastic waste in the oceans. Philippines is a tropical country comprising of 7,641 islands. And we are known because of these beautiful islands. In addition, we get the most of our resources from our environment. This is why we should preserve our environment and be responsible for it before it's too late. Living a sustainable lifestyle is a simple act, but it can lead to a powerful change in our habitat.

Pagbabago means "Change". It signifies movement, conversion, transformation and being different.

Our items are mostly plant based, more environmental friendly and do not contain other chemical ingredients. We also support our local crafts. Our wood/bamboos are mostly by the farmers from North of Palawan. We also consider some of our products as "second hand" because they are produced through a recycling system, by converting waste into reusable and sustainable goods. ex. Coconut Shell 

Leslie Abordo, Owner of Pagbabago PH

How do we pack?

Our packaging is also sustainable and environment friendly. Instead of plastic, we use old newspapers, brown papers and boxes. To lessen waste, we make sure that we use materials that can serve another purpose. 


We are hoping and striving to live better and to take responsibility for our planet. This is our only home so we need to preserve its beauty and our resources. Generations will come and they also deserve to see the world with its natural beauty.



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