PAYAK is more than just a brand. It is an advocacy. A mindset. A way of life. 

A constant pursuit to choose less, own less, waste less. 

We are a tree-hugging, mountain-climbing, beach-bumming couple who suddenly realized that we’ve been making tiny unconscious actions that snowball into ruining the planet. So on March 2018, after a month of researching, deliberating, reflecting, planning, and lots of guts, PAYAK was launched.

It started with frustrations. On the diverse effects of actions that we can never take back. On how limited the options we have. On how we were brainwashed with the concept of convenience. On how we forgot to appreciate the simple things. On how we were conditioned to value material things. On how we choose quantity over quality. On how we deliberately allow time to just pass by. On how we forget to be mindful of all the chances that we have. On how impatient we’ve become. On how we think “more” is always better than “less”.

We then transformed these frustrations into courses of actions. What, then, can we do to stop this constant mindless living?

REFLECT AND CHANGE HABITS. As we always say, pursuing a Payak lifestyle starts with baby steps. Through our bite-sized easy-to-follow tips, habits, and inspirational soundbites, we emphasize the importance of how small, individual changes in the way we do things can collectively lessen everyone’s impact on the environment. Changing mindless habits into more purposeful actions can create a ripple of positive effects. 

ENGAGE AND RESONATE THROUGH STORIES. We know that pursuing this lifestyle can never be achieved overnight. Through our conversational narratives, we make sure that we show the realistic side to this lifestyle. We can never be perfect. Some days we win, most days we fail. Some days we bring our ecobags and utensil wraps; some days we forget to say no to straws. And this is something that we are proud of---it makes us real, truthful, and sincere. 

OFFER ALTERNATIVES. To further help our community in starting their own Payak journey, we offer alternative products that are more sustainable, eco-friendly, simple, and minimal. Every item purchased from Payak serves as a commitment of our customers to pursue a Payak lifestyle. These products encourage them to be more mindful of their choices by choosing less, owning less, and thereby, wasting less.

BUILD A COMMUNITY. Lastly, and the most important thing, our main vision is to establish a Payak community where everyone is aiming for a simpler and more mindful lifestyle. We highly value, and always look forward to, stories from our followers who willingly share their Payak wins and fails. As we learn and make more mistakes in our journey, we make sure that we grow together with our community.

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