Our Story

Growing up, we were accustomed to using prescribed medicines and creams, believing it would end our never ending complaints to headaches, allergies and irritations. Although we have always known that naturopathy is the root of all healing, new age technology and discoveries has inclined to keep us off track.

We are here to rediscover our roots, and help restore, enhance and channel the living energy our mother nature is capable of giving. We have learned that it is important to match energy and vigor with natural healing and wellness, and identify everyone as beneficiaries. 

New age entrepreneurs like Puro Philippines are here to offer an alternative to the usual cosmetic products, and rekindle the consumers preference or any skeptical prejudgment on the uses and functions of all natural produce.

We, at Puro Philippines, believe in restoring and enhancing green behavior by encouraging consumers to adhere to sustainability and avoid contribution to wasteful manufacturing processes and products. Our mission is to restore wellness and healing through organic awakening.

Our handmade products are all homemade, handcrafted, cruelty free and most especially, made with love. Some products may differ from the other, but rest assured our quality is never compromised. 

We hope you’ll learn not only to love the products, but also become aware of its benefits and wellness that it brings to you and to our community. May we all continue this journey to a better and enlightened you!


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