"Our advocacy is zero waste and we achieve that through production process of our soap bars and through our refillery (refill stations) which we are also promoting more because it's here that our customers could resonate by going to our partners to refill their home or personal care needs."




-Our Soap Bar Story-


For years, my partner has been looking for that one best soap for the skin. It all started with his grandma who after every shower felt a growing itch on her skin. It upset her every day.

Years after, his mom also experienced dryness and irritation after washing up.

We decided to craft our own, ran experiments until we found the perfect kind and concentration of each raw ingredient. The vanilla-colored hypoallergenic crushed oatmeal bar was born.

From then on, his mom remarkably has never had dry skin or itchy irritable feeling after a bath.

Unfortunately, his grandma passed away before she could try the soap. But the resulting product brought to life a wonderful soap bar that we shared to friends, who got their friends to use it and so on...



What makes our products unique? 

Unlike other cold-process soap, we make ours through boil process where all ingredients are completely blended in our soap bar (no un-reacted oil or lye that are harsh on your skin) and it’s zero waste in production!

Another is we don’t use heavy fragrance that’s a no-no for sensitive skin. The essential oils we use are consistently fresh and smells good even after several washes.

Our brand name Rainourish originated from rain (water) + nourish (nurtured only by what’s essential and natural), thus we have formed the brand Rainourish.


Our products are locally made and crafted from 100% natural, vegan, and biodegradable ingredients. All our soap and shampoo bars are hypoallergenic and of a light scent derived only from natural essential oils. These are Oatmeal (gentle cleansing), Tea Tree (antibacterial), Papaya (skin lightening), Carrot (soothing & moisturizing) body and shampoo bar, Activated Charcoal (deep cleanse, detox) body and shampoo bar and Sulfur (anti-pimple) soap.    


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