Green Apple Laundry Liquid Soap


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Made with all-natural and local ingredients!

Our laundry liquid detergent keeps your clothes clean and protected; it's colorless to keep your white fabrics white and colored ones from fading. Enjoy a fresh green apple scent while hand washing!

It also comes in a reusable and recyclable glass bottle! You may transfer this to your existing hand soap bottle for general hand washing, and drop by a refill station near you!

How to Use:

  • For hand wash: Pour a small amount on affected areas to scrub.
  • For machine wash: Add the laundry liquid depending on load quantity. It's the same amount as your regular laundry detergent.


Coco-derived surfactants, green apple fragrance, salt, purified water.


Pregnancy-Safe Cruelty-Free Paraben-Free Sulfate-Free Silicone-Free Baby Safe
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