Palapa Flakes

Size: 120 grams (pouch)
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Your next kitchen staple. Made of Native Scallion (Sakurab), chilli pepper, salt, ginger. It has a bold, rich and yet unique flavor that is an absolute necessity in in your spice rack.
Authentic Maranao Spice that is All Natural, Halal, Vegan, kosher and Keto Friendly.
It can be eaten as it is or used as flavor enhancer in your recipe.
Palapa is made by the Maranao Bakwits!

Palapa is a sweet and spicy Filipino condiment consisting of thinly chopped white scallions (sukrab); pounded ginger (luya pagirison), tumeric (kalawag), Labuyo Chili (luya tiduk), and toasted grated coconut (niog).

It originates from the Maranao People of Lanao Del Sur.

It can be used as an ingredient in certain dishes (most notably in piaparan) or used as a condiment after briefly sautéing (usually with a spoonful of condensed milk). 

Palapa can also be eaten fresh as salad dressing. 

Palapa is an important cultural symbol of the Maranao people and is an ubiquitous accompaniment at every meal.

When you purchase any Palapa from Palapa PH, you are supporting their chosen Bakwits who were displaced from the Marawi Seige. 

Storage: Keep in a clean, dry place.
Shelf Life: 2 years
Ingredients: sakurab (Native Scallion), chilli, ginger, salt


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